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TW for #blood, #weapons, #gore and #knives in the sidebar.

I'm not actually Dena'h Gregory, I just think think she's super rad.

One time Kalani Hiliker complimented me.

This blog is purely my opinion, based on my own experiences as a dancer and choreographer. I'll also probably post about other things, such as pretty people I love and how incredible equality is.

I try to be as kind and respectful as possible and all I ask is that you try to do the same.

Proud to be a part of the Little Dancers Network!

100% minority supportive. My ask is always open for questions or rants or anything else if you need it.

Pronouns: she/her/hers (Alt: they/them/theirs)

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So, I’m doing a “Women of Horror” theme for my blog, by which I mean my side bar will be women from horror movies, so two questions?

1) Are there any big names I should make sure I get? I have some, but I’d like more, (mostly from classics, if possible).

2) Is there anyway to put a trigger warning on my blog somehow? The sidebar changes everytime you refresh, and some of the pictures have blood/weapons in them. Is there a way I can warn for this besides just putting it in my description?





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films with teens driving around the city at night and falling in love with each other to cool soundtracks would be great if they weren’t all so damn heterosexual where’s my fuckin mediocre lesbian indie movie with shitty rock music and and they fall in love and wear each other’s hoodies where the FUCK is my FUCKGjng



we should stop trying to make “strong” female characters and start striving for whole female characters because buxom chick with a gun who says “who needs men?? I don’t but the main male character is the one exception” that the male writer of a show would personally find appealing is fucking shallow and boring and its getting fucking old




American witchcraft

You fuckers had better reblog the Shit out of this!!!!!!! I’m serious as Fuck!

"I can’t help that boys think I’m attractive."


Isabelle Fuhrman by Boo George for Teen Vogue (2012)